How Are You Speaking Out?

There are a ton of groups out there today who are in support of finding ways to help individuals with disabilities, and they’re working hard to make sure their voices are heard. From finding ways of detecting Autism in children as early as possible, to raising awareness, it doesn’t seem possible for there to be a negative way to support Autism. One group is stirring a bit of a rift in the community for their questionable methods of supporting Autism. You may have heard of them, especially if you or someone you are close to has a developmental disability. Recognized as a major nonprofit in both the national and international Autism advocacy community, Autism Speaks is an organization that many believe to be an important player when it comes to Autism awareness.

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Are Smart Homes the Next Big Thing?

Smart home technology might just be the next best thing to sliced bread that you might not have heard of yet. But how great is it?

The newly developed Promixis Environment Automation Controller, aims to make life easier for those with limited mobility. 9% of the US population deals with some sort of limited mobility, or has difficulty with simple tasks. As we all get older, our range of physical ability slowly diminishes. PEAC says it brings together various technologies and services in order to provide control over your home and life.

Over the past few decades technology has become significantly more advanced. The PEAC might be what the Jetsons promised us, or at least on a smaller scale for now. Lights, doors, blinds, windows, TV’s, phones, and many items can be controlled by PEAC while still being accessible to able bodied people as well. The benefits of PEAC help make a huge difference with independent living. The interesting part is that the PEAC system relies on already available technologies, like Wi-Fi and smart phones, and the system does not rely on the internet. The system is designed to supposedly integrate with users’ assistive technology devices that they might already have.

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Interview with Joy Ashley: Friendship Heart Gallery Art Auction


Let’s start off with your favorite part of the night.

Intellectual Disabilities
Rainbow Landscape

I think, my favorite personal part is the auction itself. It’s exciting, it’s addictive, and people really get on board. The bid goes higher and higher, it’s very exciting. And all those profits and proceeds are going to support these artists and disabilities, and it makes it very rewarding.

This is our first year that we hosted the event in downtown Lancaster, and we really wanted the local businesses to participate because this is a community effort. Everyone seemed to get on board with our mission. And the horderves went over very well, and there were very little left.

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