End Of Life Planning For Individuals Of Special Needs

End of life planning for an individual with special needs is always a difficult consideration. And yet, it is a common topic regarding financial planning for a person receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or medical assistance. However, such planning creates an opportunity to ensure a person with special needs is adequately prepared in such a way that does not impact standing with SSI or Medicaid.

The federal government (and most states) highly encourage an end of life plan for those receiving SSI as part of their overall financial plan. There are many alternatives available to family planners, but in a situation such as this—where benefits can be jeopardized if the wrong product is used—an irrevocable burial trust is probably the best instrument to choose.  Continue reading "End Of Life Planning For Individuals Of Special Needs"

Risks of Rising Wages

Rising wages? That doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad idea. Rising wages means more money, and more money is a good thing. Usually.

In early 2014, the Obama Administration added a new change to its executive order that would raise minimum wage for employees under federal contracts to $10.10. At the urging of disability advocacy groups, President Barack Obama made sure to include workers with disabilities in this new chance. Although the promise has yet to be realized, papers have been signed and changes are already being made for employees who had previously received  a federal minimum wage of $7.25. Minimum wage has always been a controversial issue and the debate about its economic efficacy continues.

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Cool Tips for Hot Days and Heat Stress

Anara Midgett has some fantastic ideas that she shares when it comes to keeping cool during these summer heat waves.

For those in Pennsylvania, the week of the Fourth of July may feel like the state was temporarily transported to the middle of the Sahara, but hopefully with some air conditioning to combat the heat. Preventing heat stress is especially important during this time of the year, and children are especially prone to so much heat. Although turning off the lights and hiding under a fan may seem like the best idea, there are some other options out there.

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