Book #26 in our 30 Days-30 Books

Still wondering on how to tame your wild child? If looking for an additional, or an alternative read to The Explosive Child (the wonderful read we recommended yesterday), you might find yourself agreeing with some of the ideas found in Ten Days to a Less Defiant Child.

Although it seems like many families deal with having a child who throws a few tantrums, it’s underestimated the problems that can arise from such defiant behavior, especially when it becomes chronic. Dr. Jeff Bernstein presents a 10 day program to help parents gain control over their defiant child or teen. The easy to understand guide explains what causes these problems in the first place, why it’s so destructive, and the steps parents can take to end the bad behavior. Simple and very much effective, Ten Days to a Less Defiant Child will help bring the relief to any parent dealing with defiant children.