Our final book in our 30 Days-30 Books: Early Intervention Games

We wanted to end our list of 30 Days-30 books on a fun note! Early Intervention Games is filled with games to play with young kids who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other sensory processing disorders (SPD). Designed to ensure that children can’t help but feel comfortable in social situations, this book also teaches other basic lessons including beginning and end, spatial relationships, hand-eye coordination, and more. These games are also perfect in regular classrooms.

Readers describe this book as a great resource for professionals who often find themselves working with children with ASD or SPD. The author looks at the children’s strengths and interests, and looks to engage kids in a social environment. Whether it’s for home or work, you’ll find plenty of group games for children with special needs.

Early Intervention Games by Barbary Sher

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