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The Adaptive Bike

For individuals with special needs, an adaptive bike is more than a toy; it benefits the physical, mental, and emotional growth for those individuals. At times, certain accommodations have to be met for individuals with special needs in order to find ways to keep them active and healthy. Riding a bike is a fun way to exercise, and adaptive bikes are designed to accommodate children with any range of postural support needs. The bikes can be stationary or used outdoors, and in some cases, even both. Biking allows you to work muscles all over your body and improves energy, and puts a lot less stress on knees, ankles, and the spine than walking or running.

Riding a bike is always a great way to work on your range of motion. It benefits you in the long run by making it easier to move when doing everyday activities such as dressing, bathing, or toileting. For individuals with special needs, riding a bike is not just a new activity. It opens them up to others who participate in this, allowing them to go out and ride a bicycle with peers and family members.

There are many adaptive bike companies out there, from Ambucs to Tadpole Adaptive. Each year, several of this adaptive bike companies host the Great Bike Giveaway, Special Bikes for Special Kids. The national contest is hosted every year around May and gives away adaptive bikes to children with special needs. It is hosted by Friendship Circle, and they partner with bike companies from around the U.S. to provide the best adaptive bikes to the children and young adults who need them most.

Below are links to the several companies who participate in the Great Bike Giveaway, and the bikes that were available in this past year’s competition.


Buddy Bike


MonoMano Cycling