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Autism Research Setback: Brain Tissue Shortage Complicated by Freezer Thaw Out

Autism research received a recent setback. Last year in May 2012, a freezer failure at the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, McLean Hospital, caused 147 frozen specimens to thaw over a period of a few days, with 54 of them dedicated to autism research. Brain tissue is extremely fragile and degrades quickly. This will have…

Study From University of Connecticut Suggests Some Children Can Outgrow Autism

A fascinating study that will surely be debated and undoubtedly provoke more study suggests that a minority of toddlers diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorder no longer qualify as autistic years after diagnosis.  The investigator, Dr. Deborah Fein estimates that 10%-20% of children can outgrow or otherwise “recover” from autism; the study uses the phrase “achieve(s) optimal outcomes.”…