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TapTapSee Helps Blind and Visually Impaired to Identify the World Around Them

Image Courtesy of TapTapSee
Image Courtesy of TapTapSee

Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined what it would be like to not see the world around you? This is a reality for millions of people. Some people are born blind, others fall ill or an accident takes away their ability to see. Net Ideas, LLC created an app for Apple products called TapTapSee which was first released on October 11th, 2012. It is a free app that was designed with the blind and visually impaired in mind, to help identify objects around them.

Image Courtesy of Google Creative Commons
Image Courtesy of Google Creative Commons

TapTapSee is easy to use. The user double taps the screen to take a photo and the app will speak back identification of the object. In order to hear the spoken identification, VoiceOver must be turned on. What was once an unidentifiable object can now be “seen” with TapTapSee. This app is useful for organizing living space such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or an office. Getting dressed does not have to be a chore as the app can distinguish color and print. The user can now identify what is around them outside just by taking a picture. Another great feature of TapTapSee is its ability to identify US currency. TapTapSee can open up a whole new world and add a new sense of independence to the blind and visually impaired.

Image Courtesy of Google Creative Commons
Image Courtesy of Google Creative Commons

The features of TapTapSee are its ability to identify any object, an automatic flash that comes on in low light, an auto-focus auditory beep to help with focusing, and a repeat button that repeats the last result. An online database is used to compare the images taken by the user so an internet connection is necessary. According to TapTapSee’s Marketing Executive, Dmitriy Konopatskiy, since its release in 2012, the app has processed close to 1,000,000 images and there are over 20,000 users since January 2013.

TapTapSee is compatible with iPhones, 3G and up, iPod Touch and iPad, and is available on iTunes.

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8 Top Apps for Autistic Learners

By Margo Pierce
re-posted from 12/05/11

Mobile technology and apps enable those who have special needs to function more freely and effectively in the classroom and out into the world.

Maureen Watson, the mother of two children “on the autism spectrum,” says apps on mobile devices have changed the world for her sons, ages 17 and 14. Starting with the iPod Touch, Watson migrated to iPads.

“A big problem is trying to get my other kids or family or friends or people to want to communicate with the boys,” she said. “My two sons were the first to get the iPad. Now these kids, who are not normally the cool, in-kids, everybody wanted to be around them and play with them and use the devices.”

One benefit is portability. Family members can download apps to their phones, making communicating at a restaurant or at a park as simple as taking out the phone.

Watson’s sons attend Giant Steps School in Southport, Connecticut, which uses mobile devices and apps to expand and improve the quality of education.

In the following slideshow, Watson and Lindajeanne Schwartz, Giant Steps’ head of school and program administrator, share their favorite apps for autistic learners. Continue reading "8 Top Apps for Autistic Learners"