"Recently, after the passing of my sister Patricia, I was referred to Arlington.  I would like to acknowledge the inter-actions I had with Jeffrey Thompson.  Jeff was professional, caring and stayed in constant communication with me.  His willingness to assist and guide me through this process was a consistent trait.  Both myself and family appreciated his kindness and wanted to share our thoughts with you."

Very Truly Yours,
Michael B.
Family Member


"We started working with Arlington Heritage Group in 1989, when they were just getting started.  We have found that the Irrevocable Burial Trust is a model that best suits the needs of our consumers and families, while the way it is managed by AHG makes it a relief for the agency."

John Nicely, Director
Resources for Human Development

"Your willingness to support our ministry shows the level of commitment and trust you hold for us - a loving ministry addressing crucial needs within our community.  For that, Friendship Community is truly honored and grateful to call you our friend!"

Charles Kahler, Chairman of the Board
Friendship Community


"I have found great comfort from AHG and their services when we lose one of our friends.  I only need to make one call and the planning is underway.  This allows time to support the staff and house mates of the person.  I have found all of their employees professional, compassionate and caring."

Jill Laverty
KenCrest Services

"Growth Horizons, Inc. is extremely pleased with the services and support offered by Arlington Heritage Group for our Provider Trust, Burial Trust and Special Needs Pooled Trust Programs.  These programs have proven to be invaluable in helping to manage the funds of the individuals who reside in our homes.  The staff at Arlington are accessible and knowledgeable of the rules governing these trusts and keeps us up-to-date on these items."

Joe MacDonald, CEO
Growth Horizons, Inc.

"The SNPT is a very useful investment tool that greatly benefits our consumers, especially those with significant assets but lacking the family support.  The team at Arlington and AmeriServe provide all the necessary regulatory and administrative support to assure the program is well run.  This frees up our staff to concentrate on the needs of our consumers."

Gary Clift, CFO
Community Interactions