Founded in 1986 as a response to providers experiencing difficulties with end of life planning, Arlington has been offering solutions to non-profits and people caring for individuals with special needs for 30 years. 

Since beginning with one individual and one agency operating in one state, Arlington has grown into a company of national scope, serving over 100 providers and over 2,000 individuals. 

Why Arlington

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Arlington Heritage Group, Inc. serves the interests of both families and agencies caring for individuals with special needs. We have a low cost alternative to customized special needs trusts and other irrevocable trust instruments for families; we can also offer the Provider Trust for non-profit agencies to aid in the management of consumer funds. 

Our trust services are unique in that they offer a complete and transparent way of preserving assets, maintaining benefits, and addressing an individual’s specific needs; now or in the future. We are also among the lowest cost alternatives for establishing a trust and maintaining it.  Individuals who receive Medicaid, Social Security benefits, or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and that have excess funds can benefit from using our trust programs. 

Funds from the following scenarios are appropriate for these trusts:

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  • Retroactive awards from the Social Security Administration
  • Funds from a personal injury settlement
  • Inheritance or bequests
  • “Discovered” assets, unknown at the time of benefits application
  • Income from a job
  • Savings built up over time

As the trust administrator, Arlington Heritage is responsible for the management of accounting, statements, compliance and archiving.  You can conveniently and easily interact with the trust without additional effort or expense.  

Arlington is proud of its reputation for meeting its commitments to providers and families that care for individuals with special needs. Our testimonials can be read here

Learn more about our Provider Trust , our special needs pooled trust  for individuals or our irrevocable burial trust program.  

"The Provider Trust gives my directors and fiscal officers an indispensable financial management tool.  The days of wasteful spend-down and the suspension of individual Social Security benefits are gone.”

Hayes E. Treasure, CEO
Community Living Care