Coffee and Chocolate Have Never Been More Special

Fairfax City in Virginia is now home a shop that’s truly special, in more ways than you might think. Walk through the doors of Cameron’s Coffee & Chocolates and you’re in for a surprise. The shop is named after Cameron Graham, a girl who loves to bake and dip chocolates. Besides combining two of the greatest things ever invented, coffee and chocolate, the shop has made it its mission to create a place that offers opportunities to people who have disabilities just like Cameron. The shop opened October 1st, and half of the employees are made up of individuals with disabilities.

The shop was opened by Cameron’s parents, Ellen and Jim Graham. Their daughter, Cameron, was born with intellectual disabilities and attended a local high school and training center until she aged out of the FCPS system. Cameron first began her journey in the culinary arts at Chilmark Chocolates in Martha’s Vineyard. Chilmark Chocolates was the inspiration for Cameron’s shop, which employed individuals with disabilities as well. They spent their days baking delicious treats and dipping chocolates, a job Cameron really enjoyed.

Cameron and her mom, Ellen Graham.

Most young adults with intellectual disabilities are unemployed today, and the majority spends their days unable to use their talents. Cameron’s Chocolates is sponsored by Every1 Can Work, a non-profit organization that employs intellectually challenged people, and supervises them in the production of delicious chocolate creations and other food-related products and services. Read more about their missions here.

In the early morning you can find an array of coffee drinks, tea, and freshly baked pastries. During lunch time you can find a small menu of freshly made salads and sandwiches. The best part? They promise you that you’ll taste the love in every single bite.