Goodwill to Those with ID

Kristen Ford-Hernandez is the mother of Jaden, a child with Intellectual Disabilities.  As a parent you may often find yourself facing issues you are not prepared for or know how to address, as a parent of a child with ID those issues may become more frequent and challenging as they get older.

When Jaden turned 16, he began talking about getting a job so he could make his own money.  His mother immediately began asking herself questions knowing that finding a job for Jaden would be challenging.

Kristen and Jaden had talked about his pain and frustration when he heard a classmate making fun of others with ID; he was concerned that people didn’t understand how much ABILITY those with ID may have.  After hearing Jaden’s message, Kristen did some research and found that there were some opportunities for young adults with ID available but they often didn’t provide a financially competitive opportunity.  So they decided to develop a business that would offer those opportunities to earn a fair wage as well as build confidence, personal growth and financial stability.

ACTabilities wants to spread the message of Acceptance, Consideration and Tolerance.  You can help do that by purchasing the variety of products the company produces.  They offer 100% natural soy candles, all natural castile soaps, holiday ornaments, cards, and more!ACTabilities production line

Help spread the message of Acceptance, Consideration and Tolerance this holiday season and support this amazing business.  For more information about ACTabilites visit their website