Lott Industries – “A Whole Lott More”

At first glance, you might not think there’s a lot to Lott Industries of Toledo, Ohio. A company that excelled in the automotive industry was facing closure like similar companies thanks to the decline of the auto industry in neighboring Detroit. Known for employing over 1,200 works with developmental disabilities, Lott Industries was in a tough situation. They had twelve months to reinvent themselves and to save the livelihoods of their employees.

The critical journey to reinvent the company is followed in a documentary that came out last spring. It follows the perspectives of three unique and memorable characters. If you came into Lott Industries you wouldn’t know these people had disabilities, you would just see workers. According to the film’s website, more than eight million people in America have developmental disabilities, and 80% of them remain unemployed. The documentary follows Wanda, TJ, and Kevin.

Wanda has Down’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome, and after a lifetime living with her disabled sister and her late parents, she is finally living on her own thanks to her job at Lott Industries. TJ, 30, has cerebral palsy and is deaf. He was devastated when he lost his previous job at a local hospital, but not he loves the computing based job currently has.  Kevin has recently graduated from high school and is entering the working world for the very first time. His autism gives him a unique outlook on life, but he has still struggled to get a job.

A Whole Lott More – Trailer

Today, the company has reinvented itself and prides itself on accomplishing any business goals a company might have. A Lott for your business, a Lott for our community, is the motto they go by. They are a qualified Community Rehabilitation Program that trains and employs people with disabilities. Although many companies offer equal opportunity employment, Lott Industries sets itself apart by working and succeeding with their workers.

Find out more information about the film at http://awholelottmore.com/.