McGuire Memorial Celebrates its 50th Year

Image Courtesy of McGuire Memorial
Image Courtesy of McGuire Memorial

5Oth Anniversary

Inspires a Year of  Celebration!






Fifty years is no small feat for any marriage, friendship, business or nonprofit! So when one considers the odds of McGuire Memorial’s astonishing success over the past half century, it should come as no surprise that Sister Thaddeus envisioned a year-long celebration of retrospectives, tributes and gratitude.

“We are extremely excited about all the events and materials we have in development to celebrate this marvelous golden anniversary,” enthuses Sister Thaddeus, President and CEO of McGuire Memorial.  “It is a time of profound thanks as well as solemn praise while we honor those who played pivotal roles in our glorious development. And lest we forget, it’s also a time to party with all the requisite pomp and recognition a half century of service so richly deserves.”

Centered around the theme “A Celebration of Gratitude  … Memories of the Heart,” an entire year of celebratory events is scheduled to remind those who work and live at McGuire, as well as those who support our human service mission, of the extraordinary things that have been accomplished in the name of St. Francis of Assisi, Blessed Mary Angela, St. Felix of Cantalice and all who inspired McGuire’s God-given ministry.

To do this, McGuire Memorial launched its sweeping celebration on August 24th with a commemorative candle lighting ceremony. Over the next 12 months, employees and/or visitors can expect to see 5Oth anniversary signage, daily candle lighting ceremonies, continuous media coverage, special tree plantings, rose gardens, a car cruise … Something to pique everyone’s interest and abundant opportunity for supporters to get involved.

Image Courtesy of McGuire Memorial
Image Courtesy of McGuire Memorial

To top it all off, McGuire’s golden year will culminate with an elegant banquet on August 11, 2013, so be sure to mark your calendars, and be watching for the dates and times of all aforementioned colorful events! Between now and next August, we’re making plans for creative 50th anniversary mailings,  special commemorative publications … We’re  opening our remodeled facility to host local civic organizations and special tours … Plus we’ve even organized a speaker’s bureau should you know of any organization interested in learning more about our life-altering mission.

Concludes Sister Thaddeus, “We want more people to know about our human service triumphs, and the singular, defining McGuire “magic” that originates with God and moves our spirits every day. We couldn’t imagine a more poetic moment in time than our 50th anniversary to share more of our story … and we look forward to welcoming each of you sincerely, lovingly and gratefully.”

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