Morgan’s Wonderland

Summer brings to mind day dreams of sitting by the beach, coconut drink in hand, and the sun setting in front of you. But like any parent with children can imagine, this sadly remains a day dream most of the time. The kids are finally out of school, and when it comes time to take a vacation you know you’ll need to find the right spot. When it comes to accommodating the needs of your children if they have special needs, it’s even more important to make sure the vacation spot is able to make sure a vacation actually feels like a vacation.

If summer has become a boring repeat of hitting the same spots, it might be time to try out a new place.

Feeling bold and brave? If you haven’t visited Morgan’s Wonderland since it’s opening in 2010 in San Antonio, Texas, now is your chance. A park that was conceptualized as a special place for children and adults with cognitive and physical challenges, Morgan’s Wonderland strives to live up to the people it was inspired by. This place is one of the world’s first ultra-accessible theme parks, and has involved since into a 25-acre park that includes a friendly environment for people with special needs, their families, friends and caregivers. Gordon Hartman, inspired by his daughter Morgan, sought to create an environment that was both safe and relaxing. He wanted to create opportunities for his daughter and other children with special needs could connect. While most theme parks make it easy for children to interact and have fun-few are easily accessible if a child has special needs. So what exactly makes it different from the typical trip to Disneyland or Disney World?

At Morgan’s Wonderland there’s The Sensory Village, a cluster of themed spaces that allow for unique sensory adventures and evokes imaginative interactions. Other areas, like the Butterfly Playground allow for more relaxed and shaded play, and keeps in mind safety with the rubberized surface. If you’re child, like most, has a love for the water the Water Works play area is sure to capture their attention.

Morgan’s Wonderland Water Works


Morgan’s Wonderland Butterfly Playground

It’s clear that since it’s inception, Morgan’s Wonderland has tried to go above and beyond for the needs of people who aren’t always given much consideration to. Reviewers have raved about the accessibility of the place, everything is wheelchair accessible. While it is a little far, what stuck out compared to many other places that claim to accommodate people with special needs is how much others recognize the work that goes into creating such a wonderful experience for anyone that visits. Families who have have children with or without special needs can have a wonderful time visiting and will find they have no trouble getting around. What’s even more surprising is the extra mile the management goes to assist visitors who have reported a less than satisfactory visit. Compared to many other horror stories that have been reported by families while visiting vacations spots claiming to accommodate those with special needs, it seems you can’t go wrong with a trip to Morgan’s Wonderland.