Surfers Healing

“Do I work, or do I make this world a better place?”

According to Israel “Izzy” Paskowitz, he’s on this planet to help take children with Autism out surfing. Founder of Surfers Healing, Izzy Paskowitz is a former pro surfer. He first began surfing in 1969 when his father took him out for the first time. He calls it the “kick off” into surfing, when he began surfing with his seven brothers and one sister. Then he began pro surfing all around the world. Traveling as a pro surfer was definitely unique experience Paskowitz, who had dreamed about this his entire life, especially when given the opportunity to meet guys who were the legend of surfing.

After Israel Paskowitz married his wife, Danielle, they had two kids. They were happy with their perfect little set up, as they called it. One boy, and one girl. Like any other professional athlete, Paskowitz wanted nothing more than to share his dreams with his son. And then, his son was diagnosed with Autism. He isn’t a scientist, and he doesn’t know too much about Autism, but the one thing Israel Paskowitz knows is how to surf.

Surfers Healing, based in San Juan Capistrano, CA, shares the same transformative experience of surfing, by connecting individuals with Autism or other disabilities, with pro surfers who volunteer. It is a non-profit surf camp for children with Autism. For the last fifteen years they have worked towards taking children with Autism surfing, taking over 4,500 kids in just this past year, and have furthered their goal to help foster the understanding and acceptance of Autism. For individuals with Autism, surfing allows them to enjoy nature and have fun while interacting with others.   Camps will be held on the east and west coast.  To find a camp near you, go to the Surfers Healing web site.

“People seem to have a lot of preconceived ideas about what kids with autism can or can’t do. We’re here to change those notions forever.”

Surfers Healing