Can The Floating Bed Help With Sleep

More than just a place to sleep, the Floating Bed is considered one of the best sleep systems that can be provided to an individual with disabilities such as Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PDD-NOS, Fragile X, ADD, ADHD, and a wide range of learning disabilities.

Outside Floating Bed

Primarily, the Floating Bed is a relaxation device. Movement is the key benefit of The Floating Bed as it provides a natural rocking motion. Rocking has been shown to be a natural sleep aid, a safe motion that your body instantly recognizes. Rocking also allows muscles and tissues to stretch and relax by reducing back pressure in the circulatory system. Without enough motion, especially in cases where people are bed-ridden, serious health problems can quickly develop. The bed arcs slowly and smoothly, cradling you so you move with the bed so that you can’t fall out. Studies show that people fall asleep faster, and then sleep deeper. For individuals with special needs, The Floating Bed assists with Vestibular Therapy, allowing a special needs person to experience increased visual, auditory, and tactile sensory input at the same time, thanks to the relaxing motion.

Floating Bed Deck

The Floating Bed is very versatile and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, Inside it is typically attached to the ceiling, and can hold upwards of a 1000 lbs. Children can still bounce, jump or have a meltdown in this safe, comfortable environment. It can be designed as a couch with the large back rest pillows and placed in the living room. With an optional tent, The Floating Bed can become a safe haven for people with sensory issues. Outdoor beds are hung from an aluminum 4-pod stand that is transportable, light weight, and weather resistant. An optional weather-proof tent can be purchased for the bed as well. You can contact The Floating Bed Company for a catalog of complete options and pricing. On their website you can find their standard indoor/outdoor Floating Bed package or their Special Needs Floating Bed package.

Indoor Use of The Floating Bed


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