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How Our Burial Trust Works

End-of-life planning for your loved one can be a challenging process.  Because there can be so much to handle in the here an now, oftentimes parents and caregivers put off making these difficult decisions.   Our staff is here to assist you in the process.

Arlington Heritage Group has developed a unique burial trust that meets the needs of parents and caregivers who are financially responsible for their loved one.  The irrevocable burial trust allows you to select a funeral option based upon your wishes, that of your loved one as well as the financial resources available.  There are four services to choose from and include a Traditional Burial, Cremation with Viewing, Cremation with Memorial Service or a Direct Cremation.  The trust allows you to fund the service over a three-year period and all funds are placed with a state-approved bank.  

One important aspect of our irrevocable burial trust is that it does not count as a resource thereby allowing your loved one to maintain eligibility for government benefits.

To qualify for an irrevocable burial trust, your loved one must be classified by the Social Security Administration  as disabled by SSI criteria (1442 U.S.C.A. section 1383(a)(3). Social Security Administration will allow an amount up to the average cost of a funeral in the area where you reside. 

Social Security does not consider an irrevocable savings account an irrevocable trust.  An irrevocable burial savings account without specific contracts has a limit of $1,500 ( SSA bulletin Vol 2, Issue 2).   View the bulletin from SSA here.