We do the following:

  • Protect Individual Assets
  • Maintain Benefits
  • Resolve Spend Down
  • Relieve Providers of Additional Time and Costs

How Our Burial Trust Program Works

End-of-life planning has always been a difficult issue for providers.  And further, the costs associated with a funeral are often far more than a consumer has in his or her account at the time of need. 

We recommend Arlington's Irrevocable Burial Trust program for individuals who have health concerns, limited family involvement and/or those who have limited funds available. A decision maker can choose from four different services and customize it according to the needs of the individual or family.  The decision maker can be the Executive Director of an agency, the individual, the individual’s rep-payee, or family member.

Social Security Administration allows an individual who is classified as disabled by SSI criteria (1442 U.S.C.A. section 1383(a)(3)) to have funds in an irrevocable burial trust to meet funeral expenses at the time of need. These funds are not included as part of the individual’s assets for purposes of establishing eligibility for government benefits.

Social Security Administration will allow an amount up to the average of a funeral in that geographic region. This trust must be pre-paid; that is to say must have written contracts for services and merchandise that account for all the funds in the trust. .

Social Security does not consider an irrevocable savings account an irrevocable trust.  An irrevocable burial savings account without specific contracts has a limit of $1,500 ( SSA bulletin Vol 2, Issue 2).   View the bulletin from SSA here.


Irrevocable Burial Trusts for Non-Profit Organizations

Often, individuals at residential agencies have little or no family involvement. In these situations, decisions are made for final disposition by the individual's team, caregiver or an appointed guardian. Arlington can help make these decisions easier as well as remove a great deal of paperwork to do so.

The burial trust program is a flexible alternative to insurance products or a pre-paid funeral contracted with a specific vendor.  Let Arlington work with your organization to resolve this kind of planning for your individuals.