We do the following:

  • Protect Individual Assets
  • Maintain Benefits
  • Resolve Spend Down
  • Relieve Providers of Additional Time and Costs

For Non-Profits

Arlington Heritage offers The Provider Trust to residential non-profit agencies and other 501(c)3's that wish to have their own special needs pooled trust for participants in their programs.  The Provider Trust is a unique, turn-key solution that can help manage an individual’s assets without jeopardizing government benefits; either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medical Assistance.

The Provider Trust puts the organization in charge of the major financial decisions while Arlington performs the back-office functions of accounting, statement preparation, tax reporting, and other administrative activities.  The provider, as Trustee, retains control of the critical decision-making including who participates, distributions, deposits, investment policy, remainder policy and so forth.

Arlington ensures that your management, your teams, and family members can all interact with the individual's behalf.  

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Why Agencies and Non-Profits Choose The Provider Trust

  1. The provider or agency serves as Trustee. 

  2. The provider retains control over key decisions as opposed to a third-party trustee that has no relationship with the individual.  These decisions include participation, deposits, distributions, and financial planning. 

  3. Provider personnel, caregivers and family members can easily interact with the trust without additional expense or inconvenience.

  4. Arlington Heritage administers back-office functions at no cost to the provider.  The trust ranks among the lowest cost operators for ongoing expenses.  

  5. Funds retained in the trust can be used for other individuals with disabilities (and for those in the trust) at the discretion of the Trustee.

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